All the Write Moves - Coaching Package

Welcome to the All the Write Moves, a coaching program specifically designed to turn a hand-picked group of 10 talented, motivated folks into bestselling authors. At the end of the program, all students will end up with completed non-fiction book proposals and the student with the strongest proposal will earn one-on-one meetings with Alexis Hurley of Inkwell Management and Jason Pinter of Polis Books (see their full bios below). If Alexis and/or Jason believe the proposal would make a successful book, Alexis will represent the author and Jason will publish the book. Either way, that author will meet with Alexis and Jason one-on-one (either in person or on Skype).

What this means: all students accepted in the program will see their chances of getting a publisher and agent’s attention increase from 3 in 10,000 (the chances of scoring one of these meetings) to 1 in 10.

The Details:

28 training videos: Once enrolled in the program, students receive exclusive instruction videos where Anna walks them through the process of building a platform, website and profile, writing and selling essays and then crafting an overview, chapter summary, sample chapter, market analysis section and promotional section for a book proposal.

Accountability partnerships: Anna accepts an even number of people into the program based on their experience. She then assigns each student an accountability partner who’s in a similar place so everyone has a “buddy” with whom they can arrange an accountability and feedback schedule.

Feedback from a bestselling author: Students have access to Anna or another bestselling author throughout the entire six months to guide them, offer feedback and answer general writing questions.

6 webinars: Once a month, Anna and all the students convene online. Everyone is given time to share, receive feedback, pitch ideas and ask questions. All meetings are recorded so students who can’t make that time can watch them later.

2 one-on-one calls: At the start of every coaching program, each student has a 30-60-minute call with a bestselling author who will serve as the student’s book coach. This is when the student will go over their book idea and be given feedback and suggestions for shaping the idea. While the coach is available by email throughout the program, in the last month of the program each student has another official 30-60-minute call in order to get final editing advice and suggestions.

5 book proposals: All students receive exclusive access to Anna’s two non fiction book proposals which sold—one which was published by HarperCollins and another that was published by Simon & Schuster and became a NY Times bestseller—as well as three other never-before-seen proposals by bestselling authors. These proposals are only accessible to members of the coaching program.

Bonuses aplenty: In addition to the sample book proposals, all students receive sample pitch and query letters, lists of editors to pitch at websites, along with contact information and rates paid, essay writing tip sheets and more.

The opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with top literary agent Alexis Hurley and publisher Jason Pinter for the student with the most promising proposal.


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Month 1: Building Your Profile

8 items

Building Your Profile

Month 2: Chapter Outline/Sample Chapters

4 items

Chapter Outline/Sample Chapters

Month 3: General | Title | Overview

4 items


Month 4: Promo Section

4 items

Promo Section

Month 5: Bio/Market Analysis

3 items

Bio/Market Analysis

Month 6: Landing an Agent

5 items

Landing an Agent